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Investcity makes it easy for anyone to get access to world-class, long-term investment management. Set your investment goals and monthly investment levels, and let us do the rest. Invest from as little as a penny each month. Our state-of-the-art risk management technology looks after your investments while you get on with your life.

What is the best way to invest?

The best way in my view is to just buy a low-cost index fund and keep buying it regularly over time.

- Warren Buffet

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InvestCity Overview

The Investcity portfolios are designed to achieve optimal returns at every level of risk. Through diversification, automated rebalancing, better behaviour, and lower fees, Investcity customers can expect up to 5% higher returns each year than a typical do-it-yourself investor.

Financial Planning

We understood you are saving for all different life events: retirement, a house, to build wealth, or all of the above. Your investment portfolios should follow your life not the other way around

A personalized strategy for each of your life goals.

The better we know you, the better advice we can give.

Grow your money at the right level of risk.

Take a closer look at Investcity's customized goals and advice.

Learn how to invest using our products

InvestCity offers you an extensive selection of funds to suit your investment needs.

Close-end Funds. Watch your money grow by investing on close-end funds which are expertly handled by our investment manager.

Small Business Retirement Plans. Secure your future by investing on a comprehensive retirement plan that suits your needs.

Separately Managed Accounts. Create your own customized portfolio and have it managed by our resident investment expert.

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Different Investment Accounts to Suit Your Needs

Regular Accounts

Tax Efficient Accounts

Small Business Pension Schemes

Giving you the benefits of diversification

Transferring and funding accounts is easy


InvestCity is regulated as a financial institution in a number of different countries.

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