About us

InvestCity is an online investment platform that grows and protects your money through effective and innovative asset management. We are an investment firm that serves as your representative in the market. In short, we invest on your behalf. We are all of the following:

  • Simple and Efficient. We keep track of your investments real time as you learn and develop skills in money management and investments.
  • Fast and Reliable. We give you the most updated reports and the widest investment selection from local and international markets.
  • Innovative and Profitable. We make sure you experience the best in asset management using our progressive investment strategies and expertise.
  • Secure and Effective. We ensure a worry-free environment as we keep your money safe and our communication transparent in all transactions.

InvestCity provides investment solutions to your financial problems.

  • Our Clients

    We serve all types of clients. Whether you are an individual or a company, a teacher or a government institution, a retiree or a foundation, no matter who you are, we deliver. InvestCity is here to satisfy your investment needs.

  • Our Products

    InvestCity offers a wide selection of investments both locally and internationally. We present to you a variety of asset classes to suit your taste. Closed-ended funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Pensions and Retirement Schemes, and Individually Managed Accounts are just some of our areas of expertise. Rest assured that we have something for you.

  • Our Service

    It is our mission to secure your financial future because your growth is our success. We ensure that every transaction is executed optimally, every managed portfolio handled with utmost care, and every investment decision carried out with the client`s interest in mind. Our service is optimized to meet your needs.

    We take pride in managing your investments. We commit to our clients.

    We are InvestCity.

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InvestCity is the investment platform designed to grow and protect your money by optimizing your investment potential.
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