• It could not be simpler. There are only three steps:

    1. Open your account - We ask for some basic information: your name and address, with proofs of identity, address and source of funds (for anti-money-laundering purposes).

    2. Choose your investment portfolio - You can choose between our three pre-set portfolios, reflecting different risk tolerances. If you are not comfortable making such a choice, fill out our Risk Preferences questionnaire. It is a simple set of straightforward questions which will enable us to set up the best portfolio for you. If you know what you want in your portfolio and how much of it you want, it could not be simpler. Choose the relevant securities and select how much of your portfolio should be invested in each. That is it.

    3. Choose your funding - You have all the flexibility in the world in choosing your funding levels.

      • Start by transferring an Opening Balance, or don’t. We do not ask for any investment minimums, nor do we charge you to keep an account open.
      1. Select the amount you are comfortable investing. Whether it is 1p per month or several million per week, the process is the same.

      2. Or get our recommendation how much to invest in your circumstances, fill out the Financial Statement. It is a standard set of questions on your income, expenditure, assets and liabilities. With that, we will be able to recommend the ideal funding levels for your circumstances.

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