• Better returns

    The Investcity portfolios are designed to achieve optimal returns at every level of risk. Through diversification, automated rebalancing, better behaviour, and lower fees, Investcity customers can expect up to 5% higher returns each year than a typical do-it-yourself investor.

  • Advice across all of your wealth

    The better we know you, the better advice we can give – which is why you can securely inform us of your outside investments. You can see your total net worth in one place, and we can advise you on how much you are losing to fees and idle cash.

  • Customise your portfolio allocation

    Each investment portfolio is designed to get you the optimal returns. Our goal-based investing framework will let you know if you are on target to reach your investment goals, such as Retirement or a Safety Net Fund, in seconds.

  • Schedule Deposits

    Deposits by Direct Debit help keep your goals on track with scheduled, recurring deposits.

  • Invest Excess Cash

    Investcity puts more of your money to work by automatically investing your excess cash.

  • End-to-end Investing

    By handling every part of the investment process, we provide the best possible service. This means some of the fastest cash transfers in the industry, tax forms available at the earliest possible date, and tighter security because of less exposure to third-party risk.

  • Better Execution

    We use optimal execution to ensure that all your assets are bought and sold at best possible prices. We also put every penny of your money to work through fractional shares, so you do not lose performance due to holding too much cash.

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