• Global diversification, maximum efficiency

    Building on decades of Nobel-prize winning research and our practical experience in the markets, we aim to achieve the best investor returns possible. Our portfolio is maximally diversified, and comprises low-cost, liquid, tax efficient funds and securities. We use automate optimal behaviour to maximize your ability to grow your money.

  • An optimal allocation tailored for you

    When you deposit money with Investcity, every penny is seamlessly invested across various asset classes, optimized for your selected asset allocation. Various instruments are optimally weighted to provide a progressively increasing amount of risk and potential return. Lower risk portfolios have more short-term government-backed bonds and less volatile stocks. As you move up the risk spectrum, we introduce bonds and stocks with higher risk and higher returns. We distinguish between taxable accounts and tax efficient accounts such as ISAs and pensions, when allocating bonds for additional optimization. Taxable accounts hold tax-exempt securities, providing portfolios favourable after-tax return. Tax free accounts can maintain exposure to other securities as appropriate.

  • How we picked the funds

    Each fund has been selected to balance considerations of low cost and high liquidity as a means to access each asset class. When making the selection for each fund, we considered the factors such as expense ratio, bid-ask spread, assets under management, number of holdings, exchange rate hedging, and capital gains implications.

  • Equity funds

    Our portfolio includes stock equity funds that efficiently capture the broad global stock market, and international developed and emerging markets. Your money is invested in thousands of companies instantly. Exactly how much of your portfolio is made up of which stocks depends on the exact allocation you choose.

  • Bond funds

    Our portfolio includes bond funds that allow us to precisely manage the level of risk at every allocation, and improve the risk-adjusted performance of the portfolio at higher risk levels. The exact amounts of each bond fund will depend on the allocation you choose.

  • Commodity funds

    Commodities can be an excellent source of growth when picked carefully. When appropriate, we choose between leading commodity funds to complement your investment portfolio for your risk appetite.

  • Foreign Exchange funds

    FX funds capitalise on interest rate differentials across currencies, and pick high performers from the global universe of currencies. We have at our disposal the best FX funds in the world, and we make use of them judiciously to enhance appropriate portfolios.

  • Emerging Markets funds

    With all their ups and downs, Emerging Markets are still the world’s engine of growth, with China alone returning over 6% in its worst years. Judicious exposure to selected Emerging Markets funds adds diversification as well as enhancing returns.

  • Optimal Asset Allocation

    Asset allocation is the art of combining assets to achieve the highest expected return for a given level of risk. With more diversified assets at every risk level, we are able to build a portfolio that has higher expected returns regardless of how much risk you want to take on.

  • Portfolio Optimization

    We generate portfolios which provide highest returns for any desired level of risk. We do this through choosing complementary investments from across the globe, and ensure that they fit together so as to offset each other’s downside.

  • Optimization for Downside Risk

    We optimize our portfolios for each level of expected return, mixing assets to minimize the risk. We considered the potential downside as well as the uncertainty, and offset them against expected return. This allows us to flexibly set asset allocation at every given level of risk.

  • Geographic Diversification

    Our portfolios are invested in over 100 countries and in more than 5,000 publicly traded companies across the world. This includes exposure to shares, energy, commodities, bonds, real estate, emerging markets and others.

  • Portfolios that span over 100 countries and 5,000 instruments.

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