• Our beliefs

  • Set It and Forget It - We manage your investments 24/7, around the clock. We do all the work, so you can focus on living your life.

  • Lower Fees - Investing should not be expensive. We manage your investments at a fraction of the cost of high street investment managers.

  • Lower Taxes - We manage your account with taxes in mind, because minimizing your taxes is a key part of maximizing your long-term investment returns.

  • Works 24/7

  • Working for you 24/7 - You no longer have to pay high management fees, only to have your investments managed by somebody who can only give you a fraction of their time. Our technology works on your account non-stop, making decisions in your favour as soon as opportunities arise, for a fraction of the cost of a traditional advisor.

  • Low Fees

  • A Fraction of the Price of a Typical Advisor - You should not have to pay high management fees to get sophisticated investment management.

  • Tax efficient

  • Tax-Efficient Accounts - ISAs, SIPPs, OSIPs and offshore accounts. You can make full use of various tax free allowances under the ISA or Pensions regime. For more details, look here (link to page with text about ISAs).

  • Tax-Efficient Securities - The majority of your portfolio will be invested in UCITS and REIT funds, which are generally more tax‑efficient than mutual funds and other types of funds – there is no tax on retained profits or reinvested dividends, and you are only taxed on the income you take out and redemptions. Tax efficient securities can provide significant savings each year, making this significantly better than similar investment strategies in mutual funds.

  • Asset Location - We build separate portfolios based on the tax status of each of your accounts, utilising tax-efficient securities in order to maximise your capital growth and/or income.

  • Smart Rebalancing - We use cash flows and dividends to rebalance your portfolio, so you will not need to sell shares to rebalance. This can lower your capital gains tax over time, and maintains the risk and return of your portfolio without you lifting a finger. Also, our sophisticated infrastructure will not expose you to capital gains when rebalancing.

  • Proven methodology

  • Investcity offers a Personalized and Globally-Diversified Investment Portfolio of Funds, Equities and Bonds

  • Diversified Investment Portfolio - Investcity’s state-of-the-art portfolios are designed to adjust according to your personal risk tolerance, while remaining diversified and tax-efficient.

  • Our Approach to Portfolios:

    1. Asset Allocation - We select from a broad set of diversified asset classes as the building blocks for our portfolios. We determine the optimal mix of all asset classes across the world.

    2. Selecting Investment Vehicles - We use cost-effective fund structures such as UCITS and REITs to represent each asset class. We periodically review the global universe of funds, in order to identify the best funds for each of the recommended asset classes. We look for funds that minimize cost, offer sufficient liquidity, and minimize the lending of their underlying securities.

    3. Determining Your Risk - We pin-point your risk tolerance in order to identify the ideal asset allocation your needs.

    4. Rebalancing and Monitoring - We constantly monitor your portfolio, and we periodically rebalance it in an effort to optimize returns for your intended level of risk. After optimising for taxes and trading costs, we rebalance when dividends are received into the account, a deposit or a withdrawal has been made, or if movements in the portfolio's allocations justify a change.

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